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What is Hot Pot?

The hot pot itself is a saucepan that sits on a portable burner, surrounded by an array of small plates piled high with fresh ingredients. Guests select pieces of food and drop them into the soup to cook, and then dip them into a delicious mixture of seasoned sesame oil and chopped garlic. 

Meals notoriously last hours as locals chat, sip beer, and dip morsels of food into a simmering liquid of "hot and spicy" broth. One of the most popular dishes in Sichuan, this delicacy is eaten by rich and poor alike, whether in a fancy restaurant, or on construction sites where workers hunker down to eat it, paying a small sum for a skewer of food to plunge into the spicy broth. 

While hot pot can be found throughout China, Sichuan is famous for its ma la hot pot, which is characterized by the yin and yang effect that the sichuan pepper and the red hot chilies create when combined together. 

What is Dry Pot

Dry Pot is perfect for the guest who wants Hot Pot but doesn’t want to do the cooking. Our chef will prepare your choice of fresh ingredients with our special MALA sauce. Our spicy and numbing MALA sauce is sauteed with ginger, garlic, scallions, chili peppers, spicy bean paste, and chef’s secret numbing spices – spices that will wake up any palate! Experience this amazing sauce with any combination of meat, vegetables, and other delicious delicacies. 

Serves one. Select a minimum of four items. Dry Pot comes with one white rice.

What is Mala Bites

Mala Bites, also known as “Mala Tang” is a staple street food in Southwest China.  Bite-sized meats, vegetables, and other delicacies are placed on a bamboo skewer and immersed in a bowl of boiling broth. Choose your favorite fresh ingredients and select your preferred broth - Mala or Green Peppercorn - to try this popular dish.